Have the next big idea in Qatar and want to bring it to life? No doubt, startup accelerators are the way to go! Being new to the startup scene, accelerators help get your business off the ground. A startup accelerator does precisely what its name suggests. It is a programme that helps startups by providing them with the necessary tools, funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities, enabling your early-stage idea to pursue a number of endeavours. While the commitment it requires is enormous and doesn’t guarantee success, a startup accelerator is one of the best options, especially for early-stage startups. Want to know if it's the best fit for your startup? Read on to understand why startup accelerator programmes are highly recommended!  

Access to Funding

Getting access to funding in Qatar is made easier with startup accelerator programmes. Since most accelerators have partnerships with venture capitalists and other investors, joining an accelerator programme would help you get the exposure your startup needs. This would also mean helping you prepare the right pitch and refine your business plan in a way that works for both investors and you. Startup accelerators like the Qatar Business Incubation Centre, QBIC Tourism, Qatar FinTech Hub, TASMU Accelerator, etc. help provide startups with seed capital, helping early-stage startups deal with expenses like product development, staffing, marketing, etc. Furthermore, being a part of an accelerator programme in Qatar makes startups eligible for many government funding initiatives, grants, and other forms of support as well.

Mentorship and Guidance

Most accelerator programmes in Qatar have experienced educators who have gone through the startup journey themselves. They can provide your startup with valuable insights and feedback, helping guide it away from the common mistakes that many make. Moreover, mentorship in accelerators is more personalized and tailored to your needs. With one-on-one mentorship, you receive advice on legal matters, accounting, branding, and marketing from people who’ve aced their respective fields. 


Networking Opportunities

Making a brand stand out and getting new business is all about networking! Qatar’s startup accelerator programmes bring you closer to the industry’s best, which include entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and industry experts. Since accelerator programmes hold numerous events throughout the year in Qatar, networking at these events allows you to collaborate and join partnerships, thus creating new business opportunities for startups. Not to mention, early-stage startups that are at different stages of development can provide insights as to what you should be doing differently. This can also help your brand's visibility, thus attracting potential clients and investors!

Access to resources 

You have everything you need to build your startup except a location to plant the seed. Enter startup accelerators in Qatar, who would take away all your worries by providing you with your required resources, which include office spaces, office equipment, and more. Many accelerator programmes in Qatar offer co-working spaces where services like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and event spaces help startup founders interact creatively and coordinate more effectively. Numerous accelerator programmes in Qatar provide workshops, mentorship programmes, and training that can help startups hone their abilities. These courses can cover a variety of subjects, such as product development, marketing, fundraising, and more. Additionally, access to resources also includes access to support services such as legal, accounting, and marketing. With their wide network of services, startup accelerator programmes in Qatar help you get a head start in the game.

Exposure and Publicity

To make your startup the talk of the town, publicity and exposure are key! Events like demo days, pitch competitions, and industry-specific events where startups can showcase their products or services help gain exposure to potential investors, customers, and partners. Participating in a startup accelerator can also put your startup in the eye of the media, as many startup accelerators market their best startups as well. Many accelerator programmes have partnerships with local and international media outlets, which can help startups gain exposure and increase their visibility.