Top Apps that Help You Best Experience FIFA 2022 in Qatar 

The FIFA World Cup, scheduled to be held in Qatar this month, is by far the biggest sports event of 2022. In 2018, it was held in Russia and watched by as many as 3.57 billion people, about 50 percent of the world's population. The final match between Croatia and France was viewed by approximately 1.12 billion people worldwide. 

The 2022 version of the FIFA World Cup is expected to be viewed by over 5 billion people, making it the most-watched sports event in history. Whether you are planning to watch it closely from your mobile, computer, or TV screens, it is important that you prepare for it. Of course, a number of top channels will telecast the event, but football fans would want more insight into aspects such as roosters, injuries, statistics related to matches, schedules, etc. 

In this blog post, we will discuss a few apps that could help you learn everything you need about the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Apps to Enhance the FIFA 2022 Experience 

1: FIFA+ (Official FIFA App) 

There is no better way to experience FIFA 2022 than the official mobile app, which was launched in March this year. It is a video streaming platform, and it streams all FIFA-related events to your device. The FIFA+ platform enables users to watch the opening and closing ceremonies, all the matches, and FIFA’s films. Furthermore, the FIFA+ app offers exclusive footage from teams’ training grounds. It is, therefore, a must-have app on your smartphone. 

2: Forza Football 

Forza Football is not only the most popular but also the favorite application of football fans. The platform stands out amongst its competitors because of the amazing alerts and insights into matches it offers. The app sends notifications in real time on major events such as team announcements, goals, kick-off times, injuries, player bookings, and news. Additionally, the app allows users to choose teams about which they want special insights. Moreover, you can participate in polls and fan forums. This means that this is one of the best apps for the FIFA World Cup that every football fan should have

3: Onefootball 

Onefootball is very similar to Forza Football. It is by far the most trusted app for following football World Cup matches. You get alerts on goals, kick-off times, player bookings, injuries, and more. Besides, you get more insights through mid-match discussions. When the match ends, you will be provided with a breakdown of team and individual player statistics. 

4: ESPN 

ESPN has been in the fray for the past four decades and is hailed as the best sports channel when it comes to providing exclusive information. If you are a football fan or a sports enthusiast, you may already know about the ESPN app. In addition to the football world cup, this platform covers all major sports events, including the NBA, ICC World Cup, and more. You can even watch football matches live between some of the top teams in the world. 

Apps for FIFA World Cup Attendees 

The apps that we have discussed so far are for those who wish to follow the FIFA World Cup from their homes. There is a web app and a FIFA Companion App that you can use if you are traveling to Qatar. 

This is an all-in-one solution for people attending the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The reason you should have this app is that it helps you have a comfortable stay in Qatar. You can book hotel accommodations in Doha through the website of the official accommodation agency and find places to visit, explore, and experience. Besides, the best aspect of this app is that you can also purchase tickets for matches. So, download this app if you want to have the best experience of the FIFA World Cup. 


If you are going to travel to Qatar to watch all the World Cup matches, then you need a place to stay., the best hotel accommodation booking app, will be very helpful in this regard. It offers thousands of deals across different budget ranges. It allows you to personalize your stay, extend it, or leave early according to your convenience. 

7: Google Maps 

When you visit Qatar, it is important that you have either Google Maps or some other map app on your smartphone, as you can easily get lost in a place you are not familiar with. 


MEETUP helps you explore other attractions in Qatar. It enables you to find local experiences and places of tourist interest. In fact, this app is a must if you want to find things related to technology, cooking, photography, music, or sports. It is similar to Hayya to Qatar 2022, but the app offers some things that are unique. 


While traveling, finding a decent toilet can be a challenging task. The FLUSH app will be extremely handy in finding a decent public toilet for you to use. The app has a database of more than 190,000 public bathrooms. 

10: Uber 

The taxi booking app Uber will be handy if you are traveling to Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup. This is because finding the most suitable transportation, especially in a foreign country, to get to a stadium can be a little challenging. 

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