Ecommerce Website Case Study: Crystals  

About the Client 

Hamda Sultan set up the Crystals platform so that people could buy jewelry, crystals, and stones. This venture was started by Hamda as part of her passion for design and to satisfy her spiritism needs. 

Crystals are often made into jewelry, and so the connection was perfect. She also wanted to learn the power of crystals in healing and understand which crystal was meant for which intention. She wanted to ‘connect’ with crystals and their powers, and she planned to set up a mobile app for her customers. She wanted to sell crystals and stones, jewelry, and crystal décor and self-care items via the ecommerce platform. 

However, with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Hamda decided to sell her crystals and jewelry online. With her interests clearly focused on expanding the subconscious and healing through frequencies, she did not want to give up her spiritism quest.  Further, she strongly believed that setting up CRYSTALS would be a bridge that connected physical beauty to the metaphysical realm of which we knew so little about. 

Ms. Hamda was thus looking out for a Qatari software development company that could provide her with the best design and technology for a robust ecommerce platform. After a long search, she got hold of Zartek, a company with a solid reputation for building stable ecommerce sites in English as well as in Arabic. 

How We made ’Crystals’ 

Once Ms. Hamda picked us up from Zartek to set up her Crystals website, we went to work. As Ms. Hamda herself is a design professional, she already had a clear idea as to what ‘Crystals’ should look like. Our business consultation team quickly understood her design ideas. We then put together a team of development professionals who quickly translated her visions and ideas into wireframes. 


Tech Stack used for ‘Crystals’ 

·         Angular for the frontend

·         Laravel PHP for the back end

·         Cloud service provider – AWS

·         Payment Gateway-Sadad (Qatari) 

About the Product 

Our developers created a perfect eCommerce site for the display of a huge collection of crystals. The catalog we built for Ms. Hamda was easy to navigate despite the many products that were listed. The functionality of the eCommerce site was as requested. However, it was a crucial aspect because it served many customers online. 

The website was set up with large photos of the crystals/products and also a zoom facility so that shoppers could see the product in great detail. This is especially important when picking jewellery items/crystals for purchase. 


The app also included a custom admin panel through which Ms. Hamda could manage the product inventory and track dispatches. 

To manage the online payments and receipts, we added Sadad, a secure Qatari payment gateway. The platform enables transactions via online stores, websites, portals, and mobile apps


We took close to 3 months to develop and extensively test the Crystals app before deployment in 2019. The Crystals App we developed for Ms. Hamda is helping her crystal business grow online. The organized navigation structure is helping her serve her targeted audience in the best manner possible. Some of the features of Crystals that helped Ms. Hamda were: 

  • Online payments/receipts and cash-on-delivery options

  • Customized, on-demand reports

  • Efficient inventory management 

The functionality of the ecommerce site was crucial for Ms. Hamda because her business had turned into a 100% online one without any brick-and-mortar location and was serving many customers across the country.