A valuation of 11 billion dollars was recorded in 2022 for e-commerce websites.  Web development companies open a portal for business owners to launch user-friendly websites for the sale of their products through online platforms. Online shopping websites are steadily taking over the global retail markets. If your small business is planning to take part in this future wave, you must have a well-developed e-commerce website. Around 15% of the sales are taking place through online websites. A well-developed e-commerce website will make huge sales and profits for small business entrepreneurs by centralizing the orders of the customers and building up the brand equity that makes your business move to the next level.

E-commerce Website development is a simple process of creating and designing an e-commerce website where customers can purchase products online. By developing an E-commerce website for your business the generation of revenue increases. Frontend and backend development for the e-commerce website development includes checkout system, payment processing methods, site security, etc. With more than 24 million e-commerce websites today, your e-commerce website development is essential for your business to ensure that your site stands out from your competitors. Zartek leads you on the path to developing your business through e-commerce websites.

At Zartek, we empower businesses to scale and sell online by setting up e-commerce websites and mobile applications. When it comes to eCommerce website development in Qatar, Zartek has already deployed more than 10 e-commerce websites for clients around the world. In addition to displaying the products and services in the most attractive manner, your interactive online shop will provide the best shopping experience for your customers. Further, our eCommerce solutions come with a secure payment gateway and easily convertible carts.

We are a well-established full-service website design and development company and we have been involved in eCommerce website development for many years now. We take a professional approach to designing the best online shopping sites for your business. Our dedicated developers are specialists in creating well-organized as well as easy-to-navigate eCommerce platforms that are capable of providing an amazing experience for your customers. At Zartek, we also take your budget into account when designing an online shopping portal for you. 

Key Features of Our eCommerce Website Development in Qatar

  • Great UI & UX design

  • Online payment gateway

  • W3C compliant coding

  • Multiple currencies support

  • Multiple language support

  • Social media integration

  • Customized layout and structure

  • Search engine optimization

  • Product management

  • Inventory management

  • Live order tracking 

  • Referral system

  • Deals & coupon code system

  • Content management system

  • Vendor management system

Our eCommerce Development Services

Single & Multiple Vendor Systems

Based on the business needs, we can create the system to cater to a single vendor or build separate panels for vendors and create multiple vendor e-commerce solutions. The multi-vendor system allows vendors to control their product listing, inventory, pricing, and shipping. 

Content Management System & Admin Panel

Along with it providing website and mobile applications for customers and vendors, we provide dynamic content management for the Clients to manage the content in the e-commerce website. These contents would include products, categories, products details, inventor, pricing, offers, deals, coupon codes. 

eCommerce SEO Services

Our eCommerce SEO services will ensure that your content is optimized, and your pages show up higher in search results on Google and other search engines. We will also make sure that your content reaches your target audience. 

Digital Marketing Services

The best aspect of our digital marketing services is that they help you to drive the ROI of your business. As one of the most trustworthy e-commerce website development companies, we offer SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM services to ensure that you always stay ahead of your competitors. 

eCommerce Mobile Apps Development

As part of our eCommerce website development in Qatar, we focus on crafting incredible ecommerce mobile apps for your customers who are always on the move. 

Payment Gateway Integration

As one of the most reliable website development companies in Qatar, our payment gateway integration service allows you to accept debit and credit card payments and transfers through net banking in the most secure manner. 

eCommerce Marketplace Management

As the top ecommerce service provider, we offer a comprehensive ecommerce marketplace management service. This helps you to focus on your core activities and improve the bottom line of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to build an eCommerce website. However, the time needed to design and develop a standard or custom website can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the features that need to be incorporated.

When it comes to eCommerce Website Development in Qatar, we have a team of developers who have the expertise and experience to employ all major eCommerce technologies, such as PHP Laravel, Python, WooCommerce, and Shopify, among many others. We will discuss your requirements in detail and then choose the right technology for your project.

As the best ecommerce development agency in Qatar, we take security seriously and implement strict measures right from the development stage of your project. After the project is completed, you may opt for our eCommerce website maintenance package to get access to the latest security updates. This way, you can ensure the complete protection of your website from cyberattacks and other vulnerabilities.