Mobile App Development in Qatar – 3 Hiring Strategies 

A worthwhile and top mobile app development company in Qatar will develop mobile apps that work seamlessly across many platforms and devices. However, whatever the app that you want to develop, you should first hire the right team of developer professionals who will get the job done according to your requirements.

Mobile app development in Qatar 

If you own a business in Qatar and want to develop a mobile app, there are three basic ways in which you can do it: 

  • You can hire your own team

  • You can outsource the development to a good development company 

Hiring an expert app development team 

Once you have decided to turn your cool idea into an app, you will need the help of a professional app development team. This would be the easiest way to develop mobile apps. Given below is the brief procedure for hiring a high-quality team. 

Development team members and their roles 

The project manager coordinates the work of the whole team and reports to the customer (or product manager) directly. 

Designers are in charge of creating the app’s UI and are also responsible for charting out the UX of the app. These UI/UX experts are responsible for the visual representation of the app's ideas, usability, and look and feel. 

Developers code the application using the chosen language and build the architecture in order to meet functional requirements. You have to choose the expert according to the project at hand and the functionalities required. The type of project also decides the number of developers that you want to place in the team. 

If you want to build a mobile app, you will need a dedicated mobile development expert (iOS, Android, or cross-platform). You require a backend developer to handle server-side programming and database management. You will need to appoint a front-end coder if you require admin panels for your app. 

The help of a software architect is required when a complex mobile app has to be built. They build mobile apps that are scalable and can handle sudden high loads. 

A team of QA engineers is required to ensure that you deploy a high-quality, fault-free product. 

Business analysts are required during the early stages of app development, such as during the discovery phase and when drawing out the framework and tech specifications. 

Hiring your own in-house developer team 

You can invest time and set up an expert developer team for your mobile app project, or you can hire a third-party recruiter to gather the team for you. However, ensure that you have the resources to provide the right work environment for the team. 

This arrangement is the best option when: 

  • Your app development project is long-term or has many projects in the pipeline

  • You will have full control over the staff and direct communication with every team member 

Hiring Dedicated Developers 

If you are a mobile app development company in Qatar and want to develop a mobile app but currently do not possess the resources to support this process, then the next best idea is to hire dedicated developers. In the case of a dedicated team model, you do not need to monitor the hired team. The project manager of the company from which you hired the dedicated developers will monitor the progress of the project.

Other advantages of hiring dedicated developers are: 

  • You can concentrate on your business

  • You can save on costs

  • Quality and productivity are increased

  • Less time to market

  • Critical issues can be resolved quickly 

Outsourcing from a good development company 

This option is perhaps the easiest way to develop mobile apps. You can partner with high-quality mobile app development services in Qatar who will develop the app according to your requirements. Choosing the right development partner will eventually add value in many more ways than just app development. Though there are pros and cons to outsourcing mobile app development, the pros generally outweigh the cons. 

In this option, one company hires another to responsibly develop a mobile app according to the specifications that will be provided. You can opt for outsourcing when you know that your current team is not capable of producing an app with certain specifications. Even if they are, you can outsource when your in-house team has more demanding tasks to complete. 

You can disband the team once the production is complete. By outsourcing mobile app development, you enjoy a number of advantages. 

  • It’s a practical solution

  • You can save money

  • It improves operational efficiency

  • You will have access to a large talent pool

  • There is more focus on the project

  • The project is completed on time

  • You can focus on your core business

  • The project risk is reduced

  • There is improved workplace transparency 

About Zartek Qatar 

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