User Interface designing is the process of creating the layout of the application which makes the application easy for users to navigate and function. Based on the category of the application, the target audience, and other factors, we aim to create interfaces that users find easy to understand and use. Zartek UI and UX designers are pivotal in building attractive designs for website development and mobile app development to provide better conversion and provide a consistent user experience.

User Interface(UI) & User Experience(UX) consultants design digital products that fit human thoughts and interact with technology. UI & UX experts at Zartek are efficiently unified into the software development process to work compactly and with digital products that work exactly as the user's expectations. We as leading UI/UX consultants have broad experience in designing complex Business to Business (B2B) solutions and consumer apps. Our company follows modern trends and technologies and works hand in hand with the development team to create intuitive and effective UI and UX solutions for web, iOS, and android including those made on VR & AR. Essential features that a UI design should have are, PRECISION for all elements as visual metaphors are crystal clear for users. They should not be put in a situation to decode the meaning of a particular element, ACQUAINTANCE for users to interact with the products with previous experience, COMPACTNESS across all the products which allows the users to recognize the usage patterns of your UI design, FELICITOUS to users for their mistakes, POTENCY in UI design which needs minimal input to get desired output for the users. Providing shortcuts for experienced users to make interaction for more productivity.

At Zartek, we work as an extended UI team for startups, and small and medium enterprises, understanding the business, design, and technical aspects to create a top-notch digital solution that delivers a great user experience and is in alignment with the business goals. Our ui ux design services in Qatar are focused on building interfaces that provide every digital interaction with a delightful experience.

Why is UI design important for your application?

UI design gives the first impression of the mobile application to the users and having a great design is important to attract and retain users. Creating a design that is easy to navigate enhances the user experience of the product. An unorganized and cluttered site will break your user flow and customer base. Making your website's UX/UI design understandable and appealing, increases user engagement, user retention, and their association with the brand.

Steps of creating a great UI Design

We determine the user needs and business objectives prior to our UI design services. Our expert team endeavors to meet these two aspects to make any product or application successful. 

Given below the major steps involved in creating a great UI design for your application or website.  


The designers need to understand the behavior and preference of the target audience who are going to use the application. An online learning application designed for kids will need a different approach compared to a stock trading application. Research involves creating low fidelity prototypes, A/B tests of different possible versions of the look and feel of the interface to determine which one users prefer.

Create Wireframes

The wireframes are a rough layout of the application which form the User Experience (UX). User Experience and wireframing focus on the interaction of the product with the user. It focuses on where the buttons need to be placed, the size of the buttons and product, and tries to make the product more intuitive for the users. Focusing on UX design will allow entrepreneurs to cut costs on costly UI design work at an initial stage.

Apply Branding Guidelines to Wireframes

The branding guidelines give the font, color scheme, logo which speak the brand design language. Designers apply these to the wireframe to create a great user experience. The designer will focus on the core buttons of the application and minimize the number of actions for performing the core feature. UI design should communicate brand values and reinforce users’ trust.

Test design with a prototyping tool

The UI design will then be tested with multiple beta users to test how easy the navigation is. Prototyping tools such as Invision and Figma are used to link the buttons and screens so that users can get a first-hand experience of the functioning of the application. 

Zartek UI/UX Design Approach

By designing and improving apps with user satisfaction in mind, we ensure your business stays consistent on the market. Unlike most traditional online design agencies or user interface and user experience designers, we combine creativity and advanced design capabilities under one roof and deliver the best result. Renowned as a leading UI design agency in Qatar, we provide specialized design services for web and mobile apps. Our pre-design process involves deep collaboration with our clients for in-depth knowledge acquisition, taking time to learn about the industry, client requirements, and the design aspects. We develop strategic goals following the brainstorming based on the identified knowledge gaps and user expectations. With the right UI and UX design we deploy, your business gets built-in user engagement for the best results.

UI/UX Consulting Services 

Our UI UX design services in Qatar are focused on understanding our clients’ needs and those of their target audience and customers. At Zartek, a leading UI/UX design consultant, we help our clients achieve the right balance in the design of websites, mobile apps, and other software products.

As the top UI/UX consultant in Qatar, we will review our clients’ web and mobile applications from their users’ point of view and provide them with UI design suggestions and recommendations to significantly improve the end-to-end experience of their audience. We will also leverage our UX team’s experience to recommend changes in design aspects such as colors that users better respond to, graphic styles and icons that they would expect on the website or mobile app, and how and where to place elements on a page.

We are one of the best UX consultancies in Qatar and we enable businesses to enhance the usability of their applications and cut down on costs. Our UI/UX experts evaluate their products, offer product strategy advice, and provide training to equip them to effectively handle operations. Zartek is a leading UX design consultant after having built more than 120 web and mobile applications for clients around the world, including start-ups and large enterprises. Our UX consulting services in Qatar help our clients not only attract users but also retain them.

Why Zartek for UI Designing in Qatar?

The user journey plays a key role in the success of any website development or application. Zartek has a team of seasoned experts, ranging from UI/UX designers, developers, and branding experts. Having a team of expert UI designers in Qatar, we help you create beautiful and high functional products for your business. 

As a full-service UX/UI design agency in Qatar, we work closely with our clients to define, design and develop transformative experiences across all platforms. At Zartek, we strive to create attractive, functional B2B applications with better usability. Being one of the top UI design companies in Qatar, we delve deep to find the best solution that works for our client's requirements. Since we believe that everything in the design process affects the end-user experiences, we put the best efforts to create high-grade User Interfaces that are intuitive, friendly, expandable and clean. 

If you’re searching for an expert UI design agency in Qatar, you’re lucky? From UI consulting services to implementation, we can help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

BY User Interface (UI) design, we mean the things that users see while they are navigating through a digital product. By User Experience (UX), we refer to the feelings that the user experiences during the process of navigating the product.

The three main types of UI design, mainly because they are popular, are graphical user interface (GUI), menu-driven, and voice user interface (VUI) design. In GUIs, users provide information by manipulating visual objects on the digital screen by using devices or touch. Similarly, in VUI design, the information is provided via voice commands.

The part played by User Interface Design in the overall app development is extremely important. This is because the UI design can simply make or break the customer base. Good UI design will create fewer problems during the development, will serve to increase user involvement, will help to perfect the functionality of the app, and form a strong link between the visitors and the website.

To create beautiful UIs, the most important rules to follow in UI design are: 1. Put yourself in the shoes of the user-to-be. 2. Respect the user’s time, the new ones and the ones who are familiar with your app. 3. Design buttons, prompts, colors, copy, fonts, controls, and menus such that they all feel like part of the same cohesive program. 4. Go for simple UI designs and remember not to overload the information that you provide.