Developers use web development frameworks which are essentially libraries to build efficient web applications and APIs without much effort. The web application development marketplace is crowded with over 25 popular frameworks. In this article, we attempt to list the top 10 frameworks that are favorites of website and app developers in Qatar.

1. React.js 

This is a Javascript-based framework that works on the client side. This is among the most popular frameworks and was created by developers on Facebook. Building beautiful interfaces for one-page web apps is a breeze with React.js. 

You can use React.js whenever there is a need to keep changing the data in web applications without reloading the entire app often. Companies into web design and development services in Qatar build web apps using React.js when they want the apps to support a native approach across different platforms. Some of the popular companies using React.js are Reddit, WhatsApp, and Dropbox, among others. 

2. Angular.js 

Angiular.js is a library that was built by developers at Google. This also helps to easily and quickly develop front-end features and its stand-out feature is code reusability. 

Website and app development services in Qatar have been using Angular.js whenever high performance and scalability are required. 

Angular.js is typically used for developing the front-ends in single-page web applications. Another application in which Angular works well is the development of social sites meant for interaction. Google Search and YouTube use Angular.js.

3. Vue.js 

This Javascript-based framework is preferred because of its smaller size when building UIs for web applications. At just 18-21 kilobytes, Vue.js is popular in organizations that provide website development services in Qatar, because there are fewer lines of code and the page loads faster on the user’s side. TaskList and FullStack are two apps built with Vue.js. This framework is best suited for building small-sized progressive web apps (PWAs).

4. Spring 

Spring is yet another development framework and is definitely among the popular ones for Java-based applications that are built for enterprises. It finds a place mainly when JAVA Enterprise Edition web applications are built. 

Spring is a framework that should be chosen when you want enterprise web applications to exist for a long time. Website and app developers in Qatar use Spring when there is a need to manage security, caching, transaction management, and logging dependably. 

Many news and media sites often use Spring.  

5. Django 

Created in 2005, Django is a Python-based server-side web framework. Django makes it easy to build web apps quickly and with much less code. Enterprise-quality applications can be built using Django. Django works seamlessly with Python which is one of the main reasons for its popularity.  

Django is often used in serverless computing, apps that are to be integrated with machine learning, and in enterprise app development where speed of development is critical. However, website and app developers in Qatar rarely use Django to build simple applications.  

6. Ruby On Rails 

Ruby on Rails is yet another server-side development framework mainly used for building web applications with the Ruby language. Specifically, Ruby on Rails provides all necessary tools and suits best for building web applications that use databases.  

Ruby o Rails is most suitable when you want to develop your web apps quickly. This framework is extensively used to build MVPs for start-up projects. GitHub and Dribble are two businesses that use Ruby on Rails to enable their database-backed web apps.  

7. ASP.NET Core 

ASP.NET is one of Microsoft’s flagship products used for developing web applications. ASP.NET Core is a renewed version of the same and is an open-source product. This version is capable of running on different platforms (Windows, Linus, MacOS). 

ASP.NET is an enterprise-grade framework that works best for CPU-intensive applications. It is not a good choice for building simple applications. It is also important that the developers using ASP.NET are well versed in C#. 

On the whole, it is most suited for building web apps of large organizations (of enterprise-level) that are building complex applications. 

8. Express.js 

Express.js is an MVC (model view controller) server-side web app framework. Much like the minimalist framework Sinatra, it works best for lightweight software.  

As a stable and highly mature framework, it works best for developers proficient in Javascript and Node.js for back-end applications. It is also widely used in serverless computing., 

Web design and development services in Qatar are known to use it for building eCommerce and on-demand apps, elearning websites, payment gateways and real-time streaming apps.

It is not a good idea to use Express.js for applications that need to be scaled extensively. PayPal, Uber, and eBay are known to make extensive use of Express. 

9. Flask 

Flask is a web-based framework and is unique in that it does not use any libraries/tools. Though it does not integrate third-party libraries, it allows extensions that can add extra functionality to your website (authentication, form-handling, handling uploads, etc.). 

This is a Python-based framework like Django and it best performs for simple web apps that make use of NoSQL databases. It is estimated that approximately 760 companies use the Flask Framework. Netflix is a top company that uses Flask. 

10. Laravel 

This is an open-source PHP framework that allows the MVC to be active when building web apps. Website and app developers in Qatar use Laravel to add powerful functions such as authentication, and AP integrations, among others that require flawless functioning.  

Laravel is especially capable of web apps related to online communities, social networking apps, eCommerce apps, etc., which require robust background processing. Koel and Flarum are two websites that use Laravel. 

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