Among 190 economies in the world, Qatar comes in 77th place when it comes to the ease of doing business. It is because of this reason that entrepreneurs in Qatar are encouraged to start new businesses. As the start-up environment is booming, we are listing some of the top start-ups in Qatar, a few that have successfully established themselves in the market, and those that are very promising. Read on to find out more.


Snoonu is one of the start up companies in Qatar that was established in 2019. The personal concierge and delivery company was launched in two phases. Phase 1, set up in April two years ago, provides offline services – personal concierge and door-to-door delivery. Phase 2 of Snoonu, which envisages the use of the Snoonu mobile eCommerce app for ordering products online, was established in October 2019. Snoonu, which is planning to become a fully functional eCommerce site, charges a minimum delivery fee of QR 10. However, the delivery fee depends on the buyer’s location. 

About: Personal Concierge and Delivery Service

Founder: Hamad Mubark Al-Hajri

Industry: Delivery, eCommerce, Logistics, Mobile Apps

Total Funding Amount: $5 million 


cwallet, one of the most successful start-ups in the fintech space, provides payment, payroll, and remittance services. The company helps users receive their salaries on time and provides access to e-commerce sites, including its own marketplace. This enables users to buy and pay online even if they don’t have a bank account. In addition to arranging doorstep delivery of daily-needs items like medicine and groceries, cwallet sends money anytime and anywhere to homes. 

About: Payroll, Payment, and Remittance

Founder: Eventive Software Development and Event Management Company

Industry: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, and Mobile Payments

Total Funding Amount: $720,000 


SkipCash is by far the most innovative start-up in Qatar. The mobile payment app offers a convenient and pleasant experience for both merchants and consumers. Consumers have to just scan a proprietary QR code to quickly and easily make digital payments. This does away with the need to have cash, cards, or POS devices. Consumers can also link their cards securely and use them for all transactions and monitor their spending. SkipCash provides users with spend reports, allows them to organize their payment receipts, enables virtual accounts for children and family members, and offers access to vouchers and coupons from merchants. 

About: Mobile Payment App

Founder: Mohammed Al-Delaimi

Industry: Financial Services, FinTech, IT, and Mobile Payments

Total Funding Amount: Qatari Rial 7,700,000 


Meddy, one of the top tech startups in Qatar, is a service for booking doctor's appointments. The platform allows users to not only search for various medical care centers in their region but also book appointments. Initially launched in Qatar, Meddy is now available in the UAE as well. 

About: App to find the best doctors based on community reviews

Founders: Abdulla Alkhenji, Ali Naqi, and Haris Aghadi

Industry: Health Care, Information Technology

Total Funding Amount: $2.6 million 

Droobi Health 

Droobi Health is one of the best tech companies in Qatar. The digital therapeutic product combines proven behavioral science techniques, data analytics, and AI to provide personalized support to people to build healthier habits and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases. Droobi Health designs digital health solutions, in Arabic and English, for the management and prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, which are prevalent in the MENA region. 

About: Digital Therapeutics

Founders: Abdulla Almesned, Majed Lababidi, Trio Investment

Industry: Health Care, Medical, Therapeutics

Total Funding Amount: $948,000 


As one of the top start-ups in Qatar, At-Home-Doc employs state-of-the-art technologies to enable users to meet with qualified, accredited and experienced doctors from the convenience of their homes. The Australian company Medihealth Solutions provides the service for At-Home-Doc. The company’s doctors visit patients’ premises and provide the best care after conducting a thorough examination. 

About: Primary healthcare Service Platform

Founders: Hatem Elfieshawy and Hesham Elfeshawy

Industry: Health Care, Medical

Total Funding Amount: NA 


CloudClinik allows doctors to maintain patient health records electronically as part of their practice management system. It comes with tools that enable scheduling and tracking of appointments, accessing patient history, sending e-referrals, processing bills, and insurance claims, and saving documentation. It also features e-prescription, vaccination and medication alerts, dental charting, and e-referrals, among others. 

CloudClinik was founded by Sajjad Kirmani in February 2012. It is based in Doha, Qatar.

About: Cloud-Based EMR and Practice Management System

Founder: Sajjad Kirmani

Industry: Enterprise Software, Health Care, IT

Total Funding Amount: NA 


Sajdah, founded in 2020, is a modern prayer rug that is technically equipped to help new Muslims and kids learn prayers, maintain correct postures, and memorize the Qur'an. The first smart prayer rug in the world from Thakaa Technologies, a start-up company, teaches Muslims Islam’s second important pillar. It monitors the movements of the person using the rug in real-time and provides audio and video feedback. An accompanying app helps users choose the chapter of the Qur’an to be read prior to the prayer and track their prayers. 

About: Modern Prayer Rug

Founder: Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis

Industry: EdTech, Electronics, Software, Hardware

Total Funding Amount: NA 


Rimads, one of the most promising start-up companies in Qatar, offers a mobile app that is focused on reimagining the healthcare ecosystem. The professed mission of the company is to reshape the healthcare sector and make it safer and more easily accessible with the help of technology. The innovative solution offers an "Assess, Connect, and Cure" ecosystem. Users can talk to Avey (AI-driven medical pal) for an instantaneous and accurate assessment, connect with the best doctors through Avey, and have Rimads deliver medicine quickly by clicking a button. 

About: Healthcare Mobile App

Founder: Mohammad Hammoud

Industry: Health Care, IT, Software

Total Funding Amount: NA 


Classtap, founded in 2020, has its headquarters in Doha, Qatar. The lifestyle company enables users to access multiple studios and gyms through an app and with just one membership. Members can experience fitness activities such as yoga, boxing, Pilates, spinning, HIIT, etc. In addition to motivating users to lead a healthy lifestyle, Classtap helps its partners reach across to new customer segments and increase their revenues. 

About: Fitness Mobile App

Founder: Bashar Hudhud

Industry: Software, Fitness, Consumer Applications, Health Care, Wellness

Total Funding Amount: NA 

An article published by the Harvard Business Review in early 2019 showed that Qatar is in the process of building a Silicon Valley of its own. Businesses from all over the world are leveraging the opportunity to set up tech start-ups in the country. 

The list collects the top ten startups in Qatar, and all of these top startups had very modest beginning with difficulties in funding, expertise, and technology. However, they never gave up. They had a fascinating goal, a definite vision, consistent devotion to success, and, above all, an invaluable concept.

Are you a person with a life-changing idea? You need to focus on why you can and be one of the exceptions. The way to start is to give up thinking and start working.

Incubators and accelerators in Qatar provide start-ups with a wide range of services to help them meet their specific needs. These services include a place to set up the project, consultancy, connectivity, and office supplies for both businesses and stakeholders. This ensures an environment that supports business growth, enhances competitiveness, and expands market activities.

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