Hire a Remote Developer in Qatar for Your Start-up 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental in promoting the remote work culture, and companies of all sizes, including start-ups, have adopted it. Many startups are hiring remote developers now to boost their business operations. Though there are many benefits to hiring remote developers, there are some challenges as well. As such, it is important for organizations to be aware of various aspects related to remote hiring. If you are wondering how to hire remote developers for your start-up in Qatar, this post will provide you with a few helpful tips. 

Principal Challenges to Hire Remote Developers 

Many surveys have pointed out the fact that more than three-quarters of workers want to continue working remotely. Identifying talented developers and onboarding them as employees is all the more challenging. There are some problems that you will encounter when looking to hire remote developers for your organization. 

1: Time zone, language differences 

Communicating with your remote team can be a real challenge if they stay in a place with a different time zone. Moreover, language and cultural differences can hamper communication to a large extent. It is easier if English is used as the primary language for communication. 

2: Tracking productivity 

Software companies that have hired remote developers face issues when it comes to tracking productivity and assessing the completed tasks of remote developers on a regular basis. If the remote developers are not submitting work on time, it impacts your business negatively in the long run. 

3: Building trust 

The lack of physical interaction with remote developers can reduce transparency in business dealings. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to build trust with these remote developers. 

4: Unmatched, mismatched expectations 

A remote assessment of the skill sets of the developer may not give the correct perceptions to the employers. This can lead to a number of incorrect perceptions of the developer's capability on the part of the employer, as well as unfulfilled employee expectations. 

5: Quality downslide 

As a startup, you will want to save funds, and this may prompt you to cut corners when hiring developers. The result will be low-quality output from your organization. 

Key Advantages of Hiring Remote Developers 

There are also many advantages to hiring remote developers. Hiring remote developers offers many key advantages for employers and employees. 

1: Reduction in costs 

As a business, you can save money when you hire remote developers. There is no requirement for investing in additional office space or spending on utilities, office supplies, etc. Outsourcing remote developers may be even more beneficial if the outsourcing agency offers a better compensation package. 

2: Faster response time 

Apart from being cost-effective, hiring a remote developer helps you improve productivity and complete projects faster. 

3: Flexibility 

Hiring remote developers provides both employees and employers with a great amount of flexibility. This also gives a chance for the employers to hunt for the best talent from different parts of the world, and a workforce can be kept ready for work at any time. 

4: Access to talent 

This is by far the biggest advantage of hiring a remote developer in Qatar for your start-up. You do not have to be satisfied with the talent available locally. You can search and find a developer who is best suited for your project. You don’t even have to worry if they are ready to relocate. 

5: Happier employees 

Remote workers seem to have a better work-life balance and are more productive. This is because they are able to manage their own time and work. This has resulted in a happier workforce and will likely result in better business. 

How to Hire Remote Developers? 

Having discussed the pros and cons of hiring remote developers, here is a step-by-step guide that you can use to hire the right developer in Qatar for your start-up: 

1: Define your requirements 

Define the core features of your product, the users of your product, the platform for development, and the programming language to be used. This helps you decide what expertise you should hire to complete the task.

 2: Identify the right tech company 

Start by searching online for a few reliable tech companies. Find out if you can hire a developer based on the expertise you are looking for. Shortlist a few technology companies based on the engagement models they offer. 

3: Identify the candidates 

Screen the candidates recommended by the shortlisted companies on the basis of programming and technical competency. You also need to ensure that the candidate you are planning to hire has the required soft skills. Besides that, some of the qualities that a developer must have are: 

Time management capability: As a start-up company, you must look for a candidate who is highly productive, follows schedules, and is capable of meeting deadlines. 

Optimistic attitude: The remote developer you are planning to hire must have a positive attitude, especially when it comes to solving problems. 

Technical expertise: You must choose a developer who has worked on many projects similar to the one you are working on. This is to ensure that he/she has the required technical expertise. 

Good communication skills: It is very important to choose a remote developer who has excellent communication skills. This is crucial for the development of a successful product. 

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