Do you have any idea of starting a business in Qatar? The State of Qatar is one of the fastest-growing nations in the region. Qatar is also one of the most promising economies as it boasts of having balanced growth rates in spite of the various challenges being experienced by countries around the world. Furthermore, the nation continues to pursue its goal of becoming a knowledge-based, diversified, and competitive economy by 2030. 

Qatar has remained committed to creating a friendly investment environment in priority sectors supported by the administrative and legislative systems and a fitting legislative framework. There are a number of investment opportunities in Qatar, especially for startup businesses. Having said that, here are some of the best startup ideas for you to consider: 

1: Car Rental App 

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 round the corner, Qatar is likely to witness an influx of visitors. Furthermore, it is difficult to get to most tourist places in Qatar via public transport. Therefore, most tourists, foreign and domestic, prefer renting cars to visit places. As such, car rental companies should be customer-ready and well equipped with apps to cater to the needs of the visitors. The app should facilitate hassle-free booking, replacement, return, and payment. A startup that offers top-class solutions to car rental companies will have great business opportunities in Qatar. 

2: Kindergarten App 

In recent times, several kindergarten schools have been established in different parts of Qatar. These schools need app solutions that enable parents to track their kids’ activities while they are at school. These apps need to have a teachers’ portal as well. Other features needed include: 

·         Push notification facility so that teachers can notify parents as to how their wards are doing at school each day and when there is an emergency.

·         The parents’ portal in the mobile app should display the details of all their children. They should be able to keep track of each child’s activities through photos, comments, etc. updated by the concerned teacher. Besides, parents should be able to send replies to teachers’ comments.

·         If the classes are equipped with cameras, the app should be capable of integrating the live feed. 

This means investment opportunities in Qatar in this sector are bright. Startups that can develop suitable solutions will do well. 

3: Student Pick-up App 

Parents who come to schools to pick up their children and drivers who pick up and drop off many kids create quite a commotion after school time. Those looking for one of the best businesses to start in Qatar could consider developing a mobile application that would streamline and organize the process of picking up children after school hours. This would be of great help to students, teachers, and parents. The app should be designed to facilitate quick and easy pick up of students and send a notification to concerned parents when those children who travel by arranged transportation are dropped back at their respective homes. Such a solution could help reduce the number of unfortunate incidents like children missing and accidents. 

4: Student Diet Control App 

Setting up a small business in Qatar to help students manage their diet is an option for those interested in taking advantage of investment opportunities presented by this country. Tech startups, on the other hand, can collaborate with these businesses to design and implement innovative solutions. Cafeterias in schools can also implement these solutions. The app must be helpful to students with health issues such as allergies, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. The app should ensure that the diet of such students is monitored to prevent emergencies. The solution must connect parents with the school admin and cafeteria cashier so that they remain in the know of changes in diet and avoid any complaints in the future. 

5: Facility Management App 

Qatar has been supporting the development of the hospitality business over the past decade to cater to the demand for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is to be held in November this year. A facility management app should help users manage contracts, assets, work orders, and enable preventive and corrective maintenance work. In addition, it should support team management, customer feedback collection, and completion of jobs. Furthermore, the app must have a built-in document manager to enable paperless operation. Besides, its interactive dashboard should enable the stakeholders to remotely monitor the entire operation. 

6: Online Marketplace App 

Qatar is seeing a boom in the eCommerce business, especially in the wake of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. An online marketplace can quickly become one of the most successful business startups if you possess very good online sales tactics, are dedicated to marketing and have the ability to successfully curate products for your target audience. If you have these skills, the first step is choosing a niche that is neither supersaturated nor limited to a specific demographic. The online marketplace should be customized to suit the needs of the chosen niche, scalable, and engaging. In addition, it should have an intuitive UI, load fast, and be mobile-friendly. Besides, it needs to be more than just a cost-effective platform. It should be optimized to generate traffic and have a high conversion rate to help sellers grow their businesses. 

7: Own Car Rental App 

As in the case of car rental services, own-car rental services also present startup business opportunities. As one of the own car rental startup companies in Qatar, you will need an app that works in the same way as Airbnb for hotel room booking. It should allow people who own cars to rent their cars to others. A peer-to-peer car rental application connects car renters with car owners. The platform should have a customer app, driver app, and an admin panel. The key features to be incorporated include transparent pricing, advance booking facility, security, and tracking capability. 

8: Warehouse Management App 

As a result of Qatar’s geographic location, status as the crude oil production hub, and low levels of food production in the country, exports and imports play a significant role. Besides, the booming eCommerce business has resulted in an increased demand for state-of-the-art warehousing facilities. As such, warehousing is one of the best businesses to start in Qatar. However, it needs to be supported by an efficient warehouse management app in order to effectively manage inventory as well as improve productivity, customer service, and ROI. Some of the key features of the app that helps to boost the operational efficiency of your warehousing business include barcode scanning, order management, delivery management, inventory and warehouse management, and stock audit. 

9: Automotive Repair App 

Qatar’s auto sales increased 13.8 percent in 2021. Furthermore, there will be an increased demand for auto repair and maintenance services as FIFA 2022 is scheduled to be held later this year in Qatar. This means that it is a good idea to start an auto repair business in Qatar. However, in today’s world, you need to have an app that helps you to improve operational efficiency and ROI. The app should have the capability to track the movement of vehicles into and out of the premises and identify the location of the vehicle in the workshop apart from streamlining work processes, automation of inventory management, enhancement of staff accountability, and reducing workforce and equipment costs. 

10: EdTech (eLearning) App 

In the Middle East, Qatar ranks third among the top countries with the highest demand for eLearning solutions. This means that eLearning is one of the best startup business ideas that you can consider. Some of the must-have features of your eLearning app include the following: 

·         Learner-centric layout and responsive design

·         Push notification capability to notify appreciations, reminders, and sharing information

·         Availability of a variety of learning materials such as videos, podcasts, visuals, and more

·         Downloadable content for future use

·         Multiple quiz formats 

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