If you have been looking to build or reflect your corporate identity using a well-designed logo, you are on the right page. As one of the premier logo design companies in Qatar, we, at Zartek, employ a unique approach to designing every one of our clients’ logos. This is because we realize that your logo is one of the most important aspects of your businesses or startups.

At Zartek Qatar, we follow a very structured procedure to create logo designs for our clients. Our print and logo design professionals combine elements such as creativity and ingenuity with adequate research to bring out professional and eye-catching logo designs. 

Evaluating the Brand 

As a reputed logo design company in Qatar, we understand that designing a logo is not an easy job. We strive to understand our clients' business goals during the discovery phase. This is because we know that there can be no one-size-fits-all type of logo. We make sure we create a logo to convey what the business wants its clientele to know. 

As professional logo designers in Qatar, we create a design brief after drawing out the relevant brand information from the client. We base our design brief on answers to questions pertaining to what mood the client wants to create, why the brand requires a logo, how the brand would be personified if required, what is the brand’s USP, etc. This gives us a clear idea about the brand. 

Studying the Industry 

We study our clients’ competitors' brands and logo designs thoroughly at Zartek before embarking on a new logo design. Being a reputed branding agency, we glean important details such as colors and shapes that we can use for the logo and also study the types of customers who would notice your brand. 

Logo Placement List 

We list out all the spaces where you would want to place the logo (billboards, banners, video platforms, mobile apps, etc.) as part of the professional logo design services. We also help the client to figure out the models, figures, and shapes of the logo and also figure out the software package that would create the best results. 

Digital Drafting 

After making different sketches of the logo, our branding expert professionals create digital drafts using appropriate software. 

As one of the best logo design companies in Qatar, we make use of software like Adobe Illustrator for the initial logo sketches. The digital arena allows for experimentation with colors, designs, and typography. We also use other editors for logo design work. 

Final Version 

After due consultation with our client, we incorporate the changes required and deliver the layered files plus all the variations of the logo files that we have created. 

Why Should You Choose Zartek 

We are a team of passionate designers who strive to follow a robust logo design process structured to bring any brand to life in the market. 

We take a proactive approach 

More than just looking nice, we believe that a logo has to reflect your brand values. We, therefore, work closely with you to co-create amazing logo designs. 

Customized and Personalized logos 

We do not believe in designing generic logos. We undertake to create 100% customized and personalized logo designs that are the best fit for your brand.  

Intensive Research 

We conduct intensive research into your industry and competitors so that your logo design will stand out and be differentiated easily. 

Optimized Designs 

We optimize logo designs for all media – print and digital. We ensure that the custom logo design is functional too.