Elearning App Development

Zartek is a leading e-learning app development company in Qatar that offers a range of products and services in this genre, including courses, customized content, and LMS solutions among others. If you are looking to support the new generation learning approach with a modern, robust and high-performance product, do reach out to us.

Our Services

Recorded e-learning Apps

Recorded e-learning Apps

Can host pre-recorded classes and students are not required to download their lessons

One-to-One elearning Apps

One-to-One elearning Apps

Assist you in delivering smooth online one-to-one tutoring classes that render a high-quality distance learning process

Corporate LMS

Corporate LMS

Our LMS solutions are both cost-effective and robust

Quiz and Test Preparation Apps

Quiz and Test Preparation Apps

Your edtech company can provide students with cutting-edge test-preparation solutions

Our e-learning Solutions 

As providers of top-notch intuitive e-learning solutions, their e-learning solutions are suitable for different stakeholders that are involved in education and training. Zartek provides all the necessary information and tools that are required to support the delivery and management of knowledge. We have made use of our many years of experience in the EdTech industry to deliver diverse customized e-learning solutions to our clients. Our different products include: 

Recorded e-learning apps 

You can host e-learning and pre-recorded classes and students are not required to download their lessons. This means convenience for the enrolled student. The app can support a large number of recorded e-Learning resources. The result is the ability to engage students with different courses while simultaneously delivering high-quality education.  


  •  Pre-recorded lessons, text or video-based

  • Course-based lessons

  •  No need for downloading

  • Can use any device and any platform

  • Tests and checking student progress

  • Browser-based lessons

  • Easy Payment Channels 

One-to-one e-learning Apps 

We assist you in delivering smooth online one-to-one tutoring classes that render a high-quality distance learning process. 


  • Whiteboards

  • Screen sharing

  • Video conferencing

  • Chats to clarify doubts 

Corporate LMS 

We can provide you with the basic framework from which you can develop a highly-efficient corporate LMS. This would help your business to effectively train your employees with relevant skills and provide them with the right knowledge. Our LMS solutions are both cost-effective and robust. 


  • Organized management of content 

  • Feedback from the learners

  • Tracking the progress 

  • Integration ability 

Quiz and Test Preparation Apps 

We create interactive test preparation solutions that feature skill tests, interactive quizzes, and test series. Your EdTech company can provide students with cutting-edge test-preparation solutions. 


  • Interactive video lessons

  • Series tests, Mock tests

  • Mini quizzes, Flashcards

  • Diagnostic tests

eLearning App Development in Qatar 

Zartek is a leading eLearning app development company in Qatar. At Zartek, Qatar, we are an experienced team providing the latest intuitive learning solutions for the ed-tech industry. We offer a range of befitting products that include online course apps, language learning apps, test preparation apps, etc. Our compelling fully customized learning solutions and digital assessment apps are being used by educational institutions, private entrepreneurs, governments, and corporations. If you are looking to monetize your eLearning app, you can reach out to us. 

Zartek eLearning App Development Services Qatar 

As a leading eLearning app development company in Qatar, we, at Zartek, build eLearning apps to promote learning on the go. We create the best e-learning apps for students in Qatar that allow them to study at their convenience irrespective of their location, the time, and the device they are holding. 

Our team of dedicated developers understand the importance of delivering customized apps within the least turnaround time and work relentlessly to deliver any project on time. We keep our clients fully updated with the latest developments to avoid any loss of communication during the project development phase. 

Our eLearning apps: 

  • Are extensively tested

  • Have attractive UI/UX designs to completely engage the learner 

  • Have easy-to-navigate screens

  • Have easy payment processes

  • Have simple uncluttered screens 

USPs of Zartek eLearning App Development Services 

You can extend your in-house team with our exceptionally talented developers to get the best eLearning apps in the industry. Some standout features of our eLearning apps are: 

  • Responsive design

  • User-friendly portals

  • Optimal security

  • Seamless integration

  • Easy payment processes

  • Multiple mobile platforms

Why Choose Zartek Qatar 

Our extensive experience in providing e-learning solutions and industry presence has made us a company to be reckoned with. Here are a few reasons why our clients are satisfied with our product/services and trust us: 

  1. Fully customized eLearning apps

  2. Dedicated teams

  3. Diverse eLearning app portfolio

  4. Cutting-edge development

  5. Latest technologies

  6. 24 x 7 Customer support 

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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an eLearning app depends on several factors. Some of them are: Size of the development team The complexity of the app List of features APIs to be integrated UI/UX Design The number of mobile app platforms on which the app should work Technology stacks used

The pandemic has helped the eLearning industry to grow multi-fold. We at Zartek can help you monetize your eLearning app using innovative business ideas. We can help you realize monetization through in-app purchases, subscriptions, certifications, featured listing, etc., among others.

As a leading ed-tech solutions provider in the market, we sign an NDA to ensure app and data security for our clients. We use the latest protection technologies to ensure that your content will remain safe from theft.