Food Delivery App Development

As a premium food delivery app development company in Qatar, we at Zartek have the expertise to build food delivery apps that work on different platforms: websites, iOS, and Android. With the extensive experience that we have in marketing mass consumer products, our food delivery apps have many features including an extensive admin panel, and customer, restaurant, and driver app features.

Our Services

Payment Options

Payment Options

Multiple payment options available: credit/debit cards, net banking, and wallet payments

Restaurant Search Facility

Restaurant Search Facility

Find all the restaurants closest to specified locations

Schedule Orders

Schedule Orders

Schedule your food order and time of delivery in advance

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

User-friendly design and easy navigation screen

Food Delivery App Development Company in Qatar 

Zartek is a go-to on-demand food delivery app development company in Qatar, and we have successfully built food delivery apps that are being used in countries like Japan, Europe, and the Middle East. At Zartek, we have an expert development team and the company develops advanced solutions at affordable rates. Moreover, we offer fully customized solutions that form a perfect fit for your business needs. If you are looking to enter the food delivery app business, we think it is an apt time because the food delivery services market is expected to grow to reach USD 63.6 billion by 2025. Just give us a call! 

Zartek – Food Delivery App Development Services 

The pandemic era saw the biggest boom of the food delivery business and competition has become tougher. In line with this development, we have been helping our clients meet their business requirements by developing unique custom food delivery app solutions that help businesses to stand out in the competitive market. We build the app in such a way that it functions on different platforms for the various users involved at different levels: website, iOS, and Android for users at the restaurant, the delivery person, the customer, and the admin. 

Benefits for the food delivery industry 

  • Reduction in expenditure: The use of on-demand food delivery solutions serve to reduce many extra business expenses. 

  • Efficient order management: The use of on-demand food delivery apps enables the food delivery business to manage the customer's orders and requests more effectively.

  • Ease and convenience: On-demand fully customized food delivery apps are easy to use and help business owners to organize their business or startups better.

  • Marketing tool: An on-demand food delivery app is an affordable marketing tool for both startups and established businesses that help to expand the business and enhance revenues. 

USPs of Zartek On-demand Food Delivery Development Services 

Zartek Qatar is undoubtedly the best food delivery app development company in Qatar simply because of the outstanding features of the app that we develop, our on-time delivery of solutions to our clients, and the high-quality performance of the on-demand food delivery app. Some of the standout features of our app include: 

For customers 

  • Easy and quick customer login from any device with mail id/social media accounts

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard

  • Ability to include coupons and offers

  • Reorder option for customers

  • Rating and review available for customers to log in their opinions

  • Advance scheduling of orders

  • Easy and convenient payment options for safe, secure and easy payments

  • Feedback management 

For Restaurants

  • Easy menu management

  • Order cancellation option

  • Extensive Analytics and reporting

  • Feedback management 


  • Real-time live tracking

  • Order history

  • Ratings of delivery staff

  • Auto-delivery assignment 

Other Features 

  • Push notifications

  • Food Cart

  • Food items search

  • Restaurant search by area

  • Promos and codes

  • Ratings and reviews

  • Reorder and cancellation

  • Favourites menu

  • Monetization model

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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Any customer who has a food delivery app downloaded on their mobile phone or PC can place an order using the app. The restaurant with which the order is placed acknowledges with a receipt. The delivery person closest to the restaurant receives the order and hands it over to the eatery. The delivery person then collects the order and hands it over to the customer.

Three basic factors determine the cost of developing a food delivery app. They are: The number of features required and their complexity The time taken to develop the app The hourly rate to be paid out to the developers

There are several models of food delivery apps that can help to make money. For each order that is delivered, you can set a fixed or variable service charge. Restaurants can pay you to get listed on your food delivery app. Customers can pay you a fee for using the service. You can even charge a surge fee during peak meal-time hours.

The time taken to develop a food delivery app depends on the complexity of the features that are required. It may take longer to develop an app that has unique and uncommon features. A standard food delivery app with regular basic features can be created in about 2 months.