Flutter quickens the mobile app development process, cutting down the development cost and developing a brilliant app UI with high performance and smooth animations. One of the main advantages is lower maintenance costs as the number of resources needed to make the changes/fixes are 50 % lesser than native development. The pivotal feature of Flutter that makes it unique is its ability to use a single codebase to build apps for multiple platforms. Its high-performance rendering feature helps to bring amazing apps along with smooth functioning. Zartek Technology is a top-rated Flutter app development company in Qatar. We have some of the best Flutter app developers who have several years of experience in our team. Our dedicated developers have created a wide variety of fully functional applications to cater to the needs of businesses in different industrial sectors. Over the years, we have handled cross-platform app development projects of varying complexities for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. In addition, our flutter mobile app development services will meet the specific needs of your business and help you achieve your revenue and profit goals. This is because we employ the latest technologies, keeping in mind the current market trends. Besides, we offer flexible engagement models if you choose to hire our Flutter developers for your special projects.

Flutter for Mobile App Development – What are the Advantages? 

At Zartek, our developers leverage the power of Flutter, Google’s open-source UI development kit, to provide our clients with fully coordinated applications. This will help our customers enjoy the full benefits offered by Flutter and use the engaging Android/iPhone applications developed by us to enhance their digital presence. Having said that, the advantages of using Flutter for mobile app development are: 

Code can be written faster 

For a Flutter developer, the framework enables faster and more dynamic cross-platform app development. Besides, the 'Hot Reload' feature allows developers to see the results of changes made in the code. This helps them add features and fix bugs faster. However, the project must be rebuilt when developing native apps if changes are required. This takes away a lot of developers' time. 

Only one code needs to be written for the iOS and Android platforms 

Developers need to write only one codebase for the iOS and Android platforms. This is because Flutter makes use of its own designs and widgets and not those on the platforms. This means that the same app can be run on these two platforms. However, if the apps need to be differentiated, Flutter allows that too. 

Time Spent on Testing is less 

Another advantage of opting for flutter development is that developers spend less time testing the apps. This is because the same app works on both platforms. This also speeds up the Quality Assurance process. Of course, the apps need to be tested separately if there are differences between the apps developed for the Android and iOS systems. 

A perfect framework for developing an MVP 

If there is a need to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as part of an app development project, it is best to use the Flutter framework, especially if the client needs to demonstrate the concept to investors

There are many other advantages to opting for flutter application development. They include the following: 

  • Flutter apps work faster without cutting and hanging while scrolling.

  • Flutter makes it easy for developers to create widgets and customize existing widgets.

  • The same app UI works on older devices as well. The new app looks the same even on older versions of the iOS and Android operating systems. Additional costs are not involved in making the app work on older devices.

  • Flutter apps offer a native app-like performance.

  • It enables the development of apps for multiple platforms – mobile, desktop, and web

Why Choose Zartek as Your Flutter App Development Company in Qatar? 

We have been developing Flutter apps for many years now and our developers are adept at creating customized apps. At Zartek, we have a team of highly skilled flutter programmers. Further, the app development plans that we offer are some of the best and most affordable ones in the market. Furthermore, we take a result-oriented approach to app development and are committed to delivering projects on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter, a cross-platform app development technology, enables developers to create apps with fewer resources and in less time than required for creating native applications. Furthermore, it is the top choice for creating MVP apps.

Flutter works on Mac and Windows operating systems for development. However, iOS applications cannot be built using Windows. As far as mobile OS is concerned, Flutter supports Android Jelly Bean, v16, and 4.1.x, or newer, and iOS 8 and above. Devices supported include the iPhone 4s and above, and ARM devices. Flutter also works well with tablets.

Flutter enables the use of a single codebase for Android and iOS mobile apps. This means two mobile apps can be created at the same cost as creating one. Further, the time required to test the app is also less. The 'hot reload' also contributes to reducing the testing time. Flutter app development costs are lower for all these reasons.