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Apple is the dominant player in the smartphone market and iOS applications are important for startups and organizations. As a leading iOS mobile app development company in Qatar, Zartek helps to develop and deploy iOS Apps for iPhone, iPad, Watch OS and Mac OS. We develop apps in Native and with Cross-platform languages such as Flutter based on the specifications of the application. 

Zartek Technology – Best iOS App Development Company in Qatar

The quality of the apps found in the Apple App Store for iOS users increases as technology evolves. Today, with over 2 million apps available in the Apple Store, businesses are realizing the huge potential that an app can bring. Our team has in-depth knowledge and remarkable experience with iOS / iPhone technologies, which means we are able to build applications with an impact.

Some of the industries we have developed iOS applications include e-commerce, e-learning, video streaming, social media applications, food and delivery applications and other industries. Even though Android is the market leader in terms of the total volume of smartphone devices, iOS users have a higher average spending capacity and this can be useful when we are trying to monetize the app

The process of developing an application starts from understanding the problem statement and the scope of the solution. Our team of Business Analysts expand the scope of work by understanding the target audience. If you are looking to build an iOS application for your business or trying to hire dedicated iOS App Developers, please reach out to us. 

Benefits of working with Zartek - iOS App Development Company in Qatar

You may be interested to know the benefits of creating an iOS App for your business. We develop applications for businesses looking to sell online from physical products to digital products. We also develop games and other interactive applications in iOS. Our experience in building Apple in-app payment gateway helps businesses to sell digital content to audiences around the world and earn. 

Our team always attempted to offer the highest quality solutions to our valued clients. We understand the magnitude of the iOS environment and help you take full utility of its vast fanbase. With our team, Zartek has delivered amazing custom iOS apps which showed us their top-notch success in the app store. This is why we are so sure that iOS is an essential platform for your app and we cannot be more sure. Latest technologies can be integrated easily to make your apps far better using iOS. This development platform gives you a combination of perfect hardware, customer support, and software development interface.

iOS Development Team

The team involved in the building of an iOS app includes back-end and front-end developers, business analysts, UX specialists, UI Designer, QA Engineer and DevOps Engineer. This team will be managed by a dedicated Project Manager who will be the point of communication between the Client and the development team.  An open, transparent, and cooperative process with strict Quality Assurance (QA) inspection is used in our Project Management to ensure that great products are built.

Our dynamic technological sophistication, customer-centric approach, and innovative app development capabilities have made us the leading iOS app development company in Qatar. Further features set us apart from others providing iOS app development in Qatar.

Design with Focus on User Experience 

We plan our development procedures to achieve the intended outcome for our clients. We ensure that the user can easily browse through the app by placing useful buttons, interactive features, and categories customized according to the business. Our team of UX experts will create wireframes and test the product multiple times to ensure it has the best customer experience.

Time-bound Development

We will provide you with a comprehensive designed and developed iOS app within the promised time. We study each task and module to estimate the estimated time for development and testing. Our team of experts will all be out to complete the development based on a timely manner including beta testing. So you can get ahead quickly.

Redesign Your Existing iOS App

You can contact us for updates to your existing iOS app, integration of additional technical features, and improvements to design components. We will study the effort required for the reform and designate resources accordingly.

Industry-definitive Apps

We are able to design applications for all industries. Our team of designers, developers, and concept artists will collect the ideas and submit the proposal. We have proven proficiency in various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, automobile, apparel, video streaming, and so on.

Apple AppStore

Zartek will carry out the listing, asset description, and other related tasks will be performed and the application will be uploaded to the App Store. If there is any question related to the application we will reply to the Apple team and if the Apple team refuses we will resubmit along with the correct answers and documents.

Dedicated Manager For Each Project

Zartek will assign a manager for you to effectively and efficiently communicate in the development process and follow-up. One-point contact will help you with seamless connectivity and let us know your suggestions for inclusion in the iOS app. We have changed the iOS app development in Qatar with high-quality customized mobile apps.

Safe Transactions

Phishing and hacking have now become a common threat. We take the utmost security measures to ensure that financial transactions take place only through a sufficiently secure line. Thereby preventing any kind of fraud and building confidence in the customers. This will help in the growth of any business.

Have queries about your next iPhone app development? Well, having questions is a sign of intelligence as well as interest. Don’t hesitate!! Contact us today and get answers to all your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We create iOS apps to meet any specific business needs that you may have. We build iOS apps that would help you to sell physical/digital products online. Our development teams also have the expertise to develop games and any other kind of interactive iOS app that you may need.